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Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support

Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support

Item Code: VISSCO2709
MRP: R 700
Our Price: R700
Net Price: R665( Apply Coupon Code 'W24' Get 5% Discount )
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Warranty: 6 Months
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Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support

The 3D Ankle support is scientifically designed to provide compression and stability to the ankle. The 3D kniiting design helps in anti-slipping and reducing pain. The Ankle is the most overloaded joint in the body. It bears the weight of the body. Ankle pain can be due to weight bearing , arthritis, overuse or weakness. Vissco PRO ankle supports are anatomically designed to support and stabilize the ankle allowing early healing.

  • 1 day delivery available in Bangalore. Product support 97421 33300 / info@wheelchair24.com.

Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support Features

  • When to Use
  • Ankle Sprain/Muscle strain
  • Post Ankle Surgery Rehab
  • Swelling/Oedema to the ankle
  • Achillies Tendonitis

  • Benefits Of Use
  • Provides dual grip to ankle joint
  • Improves ankle stabity
  • Allows controlled compression
  • Prevents inversion and eversion of ankle

  • Features
  • Skin Friendly
  • Easy Breathe
  • Soft Support
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Cotton Elastic
  • Anti-Fungal

  • How to Use
  • Wear this compression sleeve as you would wear shocks

  • Product Care
  • Hand wash with mild detergent and water at room temperature
  • Dry in shade on a flat surface
  • Do not dry clean

  • Ankle Usage
  • Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Sprain, Ankle Tendonitis, Arch Pain, Arthritis/Osteoarthritis, Flat Foot, Fractures, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Metatarsalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, Swelling and Inflammation

Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support Measurements


Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support,

Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support Video:
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Vissco Pro 3D Ankle Support