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Faq And Help

What is the concept behind Wheelchair24?
Wheelchair24 is based on the concept Manufacturer to consumer retail (M2C), here you will be able to directly purchase products from Manufacturer/importer itself. Here you will get high-quality products at lower prices because they make direct relationships with manufacturers rather than working through the traditional importer to brand to buyer relationships. 

What is the estimated Delivery time?
In Bangalore, we deliver immediately, in the other cities within 3-4 working days. Planning to have branches across India and trying to serve concept of immediate delivery.
Does Wheelchair24 Imports the wheelchairs or these are manufactured in India? 
Wheelchair24 is imports wheelchairs and supplying directly to the customer. In the mean time, we provides wheelchairs from local manufactures itself.

Are there any areas in India where service is not available? 
Wheelchair24 provides on-site service to any location in India either directly or through the dealers.

How to choose which wheelchair is suitable for me? 
Please refer wheelchair buying guide section, which helps you to select the most suitable wheelchair.

What if I have problems with my wheelchair? 
Dial 9742133300 or 9742243300 to get your problems solved immediately.

Are all the spares available? 
All the spare are available at Wheelchair24.

Can I take my power wheelchair in my car?
All the wheelchairs can be taken in a car. For small cars the rear seat of the car has to be folded.

Can I take my wheelchair on a Aircraft? 
All the wheelchairs provided by Wheelchair24 are airworthy. Please inform airline at least 48 hours prior to your travel that you are carrying an wheelchair. 

Do airlines charge for the wheelchair? 
The Airline is not supposed to charge any money for the wheelchair if the person with physical challenges is travelling along with the wheelchair.

Can I make an online payment to buy the wheelchair? 
Yes online payment facility is available.

What are the different payment modes available while buying from wheelchair24? 
The payments can be made either as Credit Cards, Cheques, DD or Cash.

Do I need to do the periodic maintenance for my wheelchair? 
Not really.

How long it takes to deliver the wheelchairs after I order it? 
Minimum of 1 day to maximum of 8 days depending on the distance for Bangalore.

Should I need to assemble the wheelchair when it arrives? 
Most of the basic wheelchairs are assembled, you just need to unfold it. In some cases, need to assemble the removable parts such as footrest, commode buckets.
Will provide the assembly guid or please contact 9742133300.

What kind of warranty is available on these wheelchairs?
Wheelchair24 provides 6 moths warranty for the whole equipment (read user guide) against manufacturing defects. 

Where can I get the demo of the wheelchair? 
Either at the Wheelchair24 outlet in Bangalore and in youtube and website.

What is the maximum weight the wheelchair can handle? 
The maximum weight carrying capacity depends on the model. The minimum capacity is 100Kg and the maximum is 150 Kg. Please refer the product page for the correct specification.

Can I change the length and angle of the footrest? 
Yes for most of the wheelchairs

Can you find me a service center near my area? 
Yes, Please check the branch locator page or contact 9742133300.

Can I get a loan facility to buy the wheelchair? 
Yes, using credit card you choose for EMI option for 6-36 months depends on the credit card provider.